As an event organizer, conference speaker, exhibit installer or visitor, you may have some questions concerning Expo Santa Fe Mexico, such as location, capacity, features, exclusive services, hours, etc.

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. Naturally, these are not all possible questions; each event is different, and the questions will differ also. If the FAQ list does not answer all your questions, please contact us directly by clicking here.



Where is Expo Santa Fe Mexico located?


We are located in the west of Mexico City, in the Santa Fe area, the fastest-growing and most modern zone of the City. Click here.



How do I get to Expo Santa Fe Mexico?


There are numerous access routes from the major areas of Mexico City, the metro area and neighboring states. If you arrive by air, we have fast, easy access to the International Airport of Toluca (25 minutes). To read about the various access routes click here.



Where can I park my car?


We have two parking buildings offering a total capacity of 2,600 cars; in addition, we have 350 outdoor parking spaces in the expo area. We can also set up satellite parking lots close to the Center when necessary.



How can I hire an electrical outlet, compressed air supply, telephone, fax, Internet and other services?


Expo Santa Fe Mexico is the exclusive supplier of these technical services; all requests shall be channeled to our office.



Can my food and beverage caterer provide a banquet service there?


Food and beverage service is provided exclusively by Expo Santa Fe Mexico's provider.



Are there storage areas or spaces for storing product, packages and packaging material?


We do not have areas specifically designated for storage; nevertheless, based on the level of operations at the Center, it is possible to negotiate the use of temporary storage space for packages and packing material during the event itself.



Can I bring in food and beverages to my stand?


Yes, but only if these are for your own consumption and/or to be offered free to visitors to your stand; food and beverages may not be sold at the stand.



What is the availability of hotels and restaurants in the area?


To date, the Santa Fe area offers six hotels, totaling more than 1,000 guest rooms; all these hotels are within a radius of 20 to 750 meters of Expo Santa Fe Mexico.



May I visit the facilities?


Certainly; if you wish to visit our facilities, please schedule your visit with our Marketing Department.



Are there designated areas to park cargo vehicles?


Dock areas for loading and unloading have not been designed for parking of cargo vehicles; you must discuss this with your freight company.



Can I hire the services of forklifts, cranes, and general loading/unloading dock service through you?


Expo Santa Fe Mexico does not offer these services; you may hire them directly from the service provider of your choice, taking into account some limitations.



Is it possible to hang objects and/or banners in the exhibit halls, and, if so, what are the limitations?


Exhibit halls have a great number of load-supporting nodes to hang whatever you need, in keeping with the regulations for use of facilities.



Can I sell alcoholic beverages or food inside the exhibit hall, either my own or through sponsors of my event?


Food and beverages may not be sold within the exhibit areas.



Are there advertising areas that can be used as rented space, either included in the rent or at an additional cost?


Expo Santa Fe Mexico has advertising space available throughout its facilities. Advertising space is assigned according to the yardage rented for the event; if desired, supplementary yardage can be purchased at an additional cost.



Can I use the lobby area to set up material related to my event?


Common areas at the venue may not be used to set up any material related to the event underway; only advertising spaces designated as such can be used, with certain restrictions.