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In this section you will find the Exclusive Services from Expo Bancomer Santa Fe such as:


Electricity, Telephones and Internet, Compressed Air, Water and Drainage, Cleaning, Hanging of Banners


Electrical Service

Contacto eléctrico 1000 w 110 volts
Switch 2000 w 110 volts
Switch 3 x 30 amp. 10Kw 220 volts
Switch 3 x 60 amp. 20Kw 220 volts
Switch 3 x 100 amp. 30Kw 220 volts
Switch 3 x 150 amp. 45Kw 220 volts
Switch 3 x 200 amp. 60Kw 220 volts
Switch 3 x 30 amp. 440 volts
Switch 3 x 60 amp. 440 volts
Switch 3 x 100 amp. 440 volts
Lámpara slim line 2 x 38 watts
Conexión eléctrica a máquinaSpot Light 150 watts

Terms and conditions:

• 110 volts. Service include installation, wire, and outlet.
• 220 v. includes installation, wire, & switch. Outlets or jacks are not included.
• The electrical consumption is included in all the services.
• Exhibitors are responsible for the installation of their own equipment and for the wiring from the outlet or switch.
• Exhibitors are required to bring their own transformers and distribution panels for their equipment.
• The electrical service works only during the official show hours. If you require 24 hours of electrical service please ask for quotation.
• Expo Bancomer Santa Fe is not responsible in case of blackout or voltage variations caused by the Compañía de Luz y Fuerza del Centro.

Telephone & Internet

Telephone extension
Fax telephone extension

Wireless Internet dedicated 128 KBPS through private LAN

Terms and conditions:

• Telephone service includes materials, installation , a telephone and a fax unit. Includes local phone calls.
• Telephone / fax service including extension and units will be handed to the exhibitor’s booth responsible 2 hours before the opening of the show.
• If you need to connect a credit card terminal to the telephone extension, you must contact your bank so they can send you a technician to pre-program the dialing using 9 plus number to be able to reach your bank.
• All telephone and fax units will be removed by EXPO BANCOMER SANTA FE staff at the end of the show.
• For mobile or long distance calls it is necessary to present a credit card at the Service Desk for guarantee.
• The exhibitor must request the long distance service report 2 hours before the end of the show, so the telephone usage could be billed to the credit card. A detail of all calls will be handed.
• Internet connection is provided via proxy server LAN with IP address not homologous includes only ONE connection by computer. This service does not include router or access point. In you need network service please ask for a quotation (connection 1024 KBPS download / 256 KBPS upload).
• For internet service, the Exhibitor will provide a computer with browser and USB port. * In site you will provide a deposit for $1,500 pesos (credit card or cash) to guarantee a wireless card necessary to receive this service. Deposit will be refund upon return of the card.

Compressed Air

Toma de aire comprimido 10 C.F.M. / ½” / 90-100 lbs. PSI
Toma de aire comprimido 20 C.F.M. / ½” / 90-100 lbs. PSI
Toma de aire comprimido 40 C.F.M. / ¾” / 90-100 lbs. PSI
Toma de aire comprimido 60 C.F.M. / ¾” / 90-100 lbs. PSI
Toma de aire comprimido80 C.F.M. / ¾” / 90-100 lbs. PSI

Neumatic connection to machine

Terms and conditions:

• Compressed air outlet includes Hose (½” for 10 and 20 CFM and ¾ for 40, 60 and 80 CFM) with sphere spigot and consumption. Installation to equipment or machinery, connection, materials and furniture are not included.
• Installation of humidity control filters is the exhibitors’ responsibility.
• In case you order the service of pneumatic machine connection it will be necessary for you to bring all the valves and parts for the set down. This service includes only labor work.
• EXPO BANCOMER SANTA FE is not responsible in case of low pressure or low flow caused by derivations and installations made by personnel not authorized by the Exhibition Center.

Water & Drain Service

Water intake installation 40-50 lb/plg2 "drain outlet 1" diameter

Terms and conditions:

• This service includes the pipeline and water consumption. Installation to equipment or machinery, connection, materials and furniture, are not included.
• Water is potable, anyhow it is not appropriate for drinking.
• Drain is exclusive for non contaminated water, Solids, chemicals, greases, hot liquids of food must not be throw in to the drainage.

Booth Cleaning

Stand cleaning and corridors

Terms and conditions:

• Individual booth cleaning service includes cleaning supplies and labor for vacuuming and emptying of wastebaskets.
• To provide this service, the presence of a person in charge of the booth is required.
• The service does not include equipment, machinery, furniture or displays cleaning.

Hanging Banners

Banners type 1 to 25 kg up to 3 berths
Banners type B from 26 to 50 kg up to 4 berths

Terms and conditions:

• All banner to hang from the ceiling must have prefabricated hanging anchor points which are ready for installation and which are able to withstand the weight. Wire, cord, cable, etc. to be used must be 10 meters large.
• Banners must be suspended only above the exhibitors contracted exhibit space. It’s prohibited to position them over other areas. Must be installed with a minimum of 1.5 meters between the structure and the hanging banner according to EXPO BANCOMER SANTA FE rules.
• Only EXPO BANCOMER SANTA FE personnel is permitted to climb the structure for hanging banners. EXPO BANCOMER SANTA FE reserves the right to authorize the objects to be hang.
• Any change after installation will be charged. Hanging special objects or weights will need a special quotation.

See and download the Table of Capacities for the exhibition hall and conference rooms.

Here you can read and download the regulated use and operation of Expo Bancomer Santa Fe



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